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How to become a freemason

Our Lodge

We are a relaxed lodge, that share similarities to non-masonic societies, such as Caledonian clubs that are spread over the United Kingdom & Commonwealth for those that like to celebrate Scottish culture. We always emphasise you do not need to be Scottish to join our lodge; it is for the simple enjoyment and pleasure that we bring in that which you would encounter in a lodge in Scotland, into our own lodge, here in the province of Warwickshire.


We encourage you to read below the commonly asked Q&As and to watch the youtube video produced by UGLE for prospective candidates. If you feel this is the right choice for you to join then please proceed to the Contact Us section of this website and send a message to our secretary, who will respond to your enquiry.

Commonly asked Questions & Answers

Q) What are the main requirements to join?

A) Membership is open to any man over the age of 18 irrespective of their race or religion.


All candidates are required to profess a belief in a Supreme Being (that been the god of their own religion and understanding).

Q) Do I need to know a freemason to join?


A) No; this is often the biggest misunderstood urban myth of freemasonry, all you simply need to do is send an enquiry and we can start the process to join. Though if you know a freemason, they can help you with guidance in joining our fraternity.

Q) Do I need to talk to my spouse and family about joining freemasonry?


A) Definitive yes! Freemasonry like all hobbies; has time and monetary commitments and it is important that we have the support of our loved ones.


Q) Is Freemasonry expensive to join?


A) For our lodge (Lodge of St. Andrew), our yearly membership costs £192 with five meals costing between £20 to £28 per meal spread over the year.

Q) What does a craft lodge do?


A) A regular craft lodge holds between four to five meetings per year, during this time we practice and work the 3 degrees in craft masonry or hold lectures or demonstrations of the degrees.

The ceremony for a degree is similar to that of a play which you would see in a theatre; a lot of work goes into practicing these degrees so that candidates can enjoy the quality experience that brethren put in when they join.

Once the lodge closes, we sit down for a 3-course meal that we call festive board & we relax and socialise with a charity collection at the end of the meal for our nominated charity.


Outside of the lodge we normally like to meet up for meals or drinks during the summertime.

Q) Is there a dress code?


A) Yes; we always wear a black suit with either a black or provincial tie, however in Lodge of St. Andrew we are allowed to wear Highland dress (Kilts etc.) if we choose but this isn't mandatory and is a personal choice.

Q) Is it true freemasons are forbidden to talk about politics and religion in their lodges?

A) This is true, in the Book of Constitutions of UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England) under "Basic Principles for Grand Lodge Recognition" - Rule 7 states "That the discussion of religion and politics within the lodge shall be strictly prohibited".

Q) I'm a female and really want to join but I've been told "males only" !


A) Good news; there are two female-only Grand Lodges which are listed below for you to contact:

The Order of Women Freemasons -

Freemasonry for Women -

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